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The Coco Lifestyle

Maintain: Keeping that leather piece "Like New"

Yesenia Diaz


  • FIRSTLY, leather furniture should not be exposed to sunlight or any form of heat. It tends to fade when exposed to sunlight directly.
  • Sitting on the arms of any furniture or the back of it may cause some damage to it. So, use them gently. Even though most of us know these details, while using the furniture it will not strike our mind.
  • Leather furniture typically comes with some kind of basic instructions from the manufacturer with regards to cleaning and maintenance. It is very important to follow these directions very carefully, since different kinds of leather require different types of attention, depending on the types and treatment it has already been through.
  • Regular maintenance is important when it comes to this kind of furniture.
  • Dusting and vacuuming regularly can make the furniture look fresh and new. It can help reach areas that the dusting cloth might not be able to, such as crevices and edges.
  • FINALLY, Each year you should treat the leather with a good quality leather conditioner as well.