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How to Style a Nightstand

Yesenia Diaz

Stuck on how to accessorize an end table or nightstand? 

In case you are wondering how it is designers style a nightstand. We are going to share a secret with you.  THERE IS A FORMULA on styling/accessorizing your nightstand. No, not a rule- a FORMULA. Whats the difference you ask? A rule means there's only one way to do something while a formula means that there's endless versions of the outcome= a beautiful very "you" nightstand.

Wall Decor + Lamp + Personal Frame + Flowers = Stylish Nightstand




1. Wall Decor

A tall or large wall decor will decorate enough for you not to have add more "knick-knacks" to the mix. A second added benefit is that it will add height to your nightstand which is great for small spaces. A good reason to use a mirror in this case (besides for pretty's sake) it adds depth to small spaces. HOWEVER, you can use art, a photo or framed quotes!

2. Lamp

Whats in a lamp you ask? Lots! Large nightstands? Taller, bigger lamps are best. Small Nightstands? Smaller, slimmer lamps are the way to go. Scale is everything.

3. Personal Frame/Leaning Art

Here is a great place to add your personal touch. Add a picture of loved ones, An inspiring quote, a great picture of happy times.

4. Flowers

Flowers add a great touch of color. They add life, and give great dimension and textures to your bedside. If you are more of the fresh flowers type thats even better!

What you are left with is a very warm, personalized inviting space to begin and end your day with :) Enjoy!

PS- Like the Mirror? Click Below to make it yours! Also, Similar Accent Cabinet too!