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The Coco Lifestyle

Maintain: Keeping that leather piece "Like New"

Yesenia Diaz


  • FIRSTLY, leather furniture should not be exposed to sunlight or any form of heat. It tends to fade when exposed to sunlight directly.
  • Sitting on the arms of any furniture or the back of it may cause some damage to it. So, use them gently. Even though most of us know these details, while using the furniture it will not strike our mind.
  • Leather furniture typically comes with some kind of basic instructions from the manufacturer with regards to cleaning and maintenance. It is very important to follow these directions very carefully, since different kinds of leather require different types of attention, depending on the types and treatment it has already been through.
  • Regular maintenance is important when it comes to this kind of furniture.
  • Dusting and vacuuming regularly can make the furniture look fresh and new. It can help reach areas that the dusting cloth might not be able to, such as crevices and edges.
  • FINALLY, Each year you should treat the leather with a good quality leather conditioner as well.

How to: Style your Sofa

Yesenia Diaz



Styling your sofa just got simplified friends!

Follow 3 easy steps and done :)

1.Start with 2  SQUARE toss pillows that are at least 22" (If your sofa is bigger go ahead and get yourself 24" ones).

2.Layer 2 SQUARE toss pillows that are at least 16"(Again, if your sofa is bigger go ahead and upsize to 18-20")

3.Add an uncommon shaped toss pillow preferably an elongated one to cover more sofa.



Make sure to at least have a solid pair of toss pillows to "ground" the rest of the other pillows to the sofa. The last thing you want is to have too much going on. Think: Less is more. 

How to: Bedding 101

Yesenia Diaz

Bedding 101.jpg

We spend a third of our lives sleeping. YES- A THIRD! Given that an average person sleeps for 8 hours a day an average person will sleep for 229.961 hours a day. 

So, if we spend a third of our lives sleeping why not make it the best experience that can?

Follow us in the picture below provided by Just Decorate

Layering a bed adds comfort and helps define the style of the bedroom.  

1.Get the look that of Decor magazines with full bedding looks by using a high fill count down duvet with decorative covers.  

2.Add a coverlet to the foot of your bed for chillier nights.  A coordinating coverlet can add color and texture to any bedroom.  

3.A throw contributes to further the designer finish in the bedroom.  

4.Always use your pillows to add another layer with decorative shams.  

5.Finally, finish with decorative cushions in accent colors to create that off-the-page-of-a-decor-magazine look.

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How to Style a Nightstand

Yesenia Diaz

Stuck on how to accessorize an end table or nightstand? 

In case you are wondering how it is designers style a nightstand. We are going to share a secret with you.  THERE IS A FORMULA on styling/accessorizing your nightstand. No, not a rule- a FORMULA. Whats the difference you ask? A rule means there's only one way to do something while a formula means that there's endless versions of the outcome= a beautiful very "you" nightstand.

Wall Decor + Lamp + Personal Frame + Flowers = Stylish Nightstand




1. Wall Decor

A tall or large wall decor will decorate enough for you not to have add more "knick-knacks" to the mix. A second added benefit is that it will add height to your nightstand which is great for small spaces. A good reason to use a mirror in this case (besides for pretty's sake) it adds depth to small spaces. HOWEVER, you can use art, a photo or framed quotes!

2. Lamp

Whats in a lamp you ask? Lots! Large nightstands? Taller, bigger lamps are best. Small Nightstands? Smaller, slimmer lamps are the way to go. Scale is everything.

3. Personal Frame/Leaning Art

Here is a great place to add your personal touch. Add a picture of loved ones, An inspiring quote, a great picture of happy times.

4. Flowers

Flowers add a great touch of color. They add life, and give great dimension and textures to your bedside. If you are more of the fresh flowers type thats even better!

What you are left with is a very warm, personalized inviting space to begin and end your day with :) Enjoy!

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